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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zuca, the amazing luggage - with a seat!

Zuca Bag Calypso- Brown Frame
To be honest, the Zuca brand luggage threw me off a bit when I first saw it.  The aluminum frame clashed with the body of the luggage, looking as if it was added in as an after thought.  And the much touted built-in seating didn't look at all comfortable.  Besides, when are you ever going to need to sit while toting  luggage around?  Perhaps once while waiting to check in?  Then once more waiting in the security line?  Granted, I don't travel much, but I do remember plenty of vacant seats at the airport concourses that I've been in.

Still, the luggage's uniqueness continued to pique my interest.  I love the inserts, which means that you only need to pack all of your clothes once.  Upon arriving at your destination, simply take out the inserts and place them in the draw, no unpacking required.  Customers love the Zuca's toughness, strong enough to sit on; it's giant wheels moving it smoothly and silently along; and it's compact size (19" x 13" x 10"),  which allows it to fit neatly into overhead compartment and easily roll down narrow aircraft aisles.

The Zuca's compact size means that it's not the best bag for over-packers.  Owner's reviews include claims that there's plenty of room for suits, shoes and outfits for the trip, while other's aren't satisfied with its capacity, claiming that the inserts are useless and takes valuable space.  Indeed, while watching the video below, I find it hard to imagine fitting all the clothes shown into the Zuca.

Also, starting at $285, the price is a bit steep.  You can get this 5-piece Samsonite luggage set for almost half the price.  Still, for frequent traveler, the Zuca luggage, with it's built-in seat and organization system, could be a perfect fit.

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