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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Does Bank of America Suck so Bad?

Ever since I started blogging about business and banking, BofA has consistently come up as the bank that people hate the most.  I've always wondered why?  I've had free checking with BofA for eight months now (and rec'd $75 bonus to open it) and enjoy their free Museum perk.  A quick search reveals that many customers are annoyed at their excessive fees
and their maddening practice of  nickel and diming random services, such as a $3 charge for on the third withdrawal.  I guess that's why I haven't been negatively affected, as I have direct deposit and mostly just use my debit card.

In fact, I actually like BofA.  I big reason why is the greeting that I get from the employees of one of the branches that I frequent.  When I walk in, they greet me like an old friend that they haven't seen in a while.  Everyone is cheerful and smiling, like they actually enjoy being there.  And while I'm waiting in line, which would be a normal activity at any bank, they come up and apologize for the wait. So, yes, I actually enjoy visiting this branch.

Prior to this, I my banking activities where very light, consisting solely of direct deposit and debit card purchases.  I thought that I just hadn't trip over any of their infamous fees. But I recently started utilizing a business account and all of the activities that it entails: multiple deposits, withdrawals, on-line banking, etc.  All for a low monthly charge of $19.  Plus, our personal accounts are still free.  Plus, we also get the perks.

So, I haven't had any of the bad experiences that has caused such strong dislike for BofA.  I'm curious, what kind of experiences have you've had with BofA?  Have they done anything to infuriated you?

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