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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Need a Quick Photo Retouch or Editing? Only $5

Small Business Owners - need a quick edit or touch up on a product picture?
Browse the listings at  Fivver lists thousands of people offering their unique (or not) services for only $5.  Small Business can take advantage of the graphics or marketing services for small quick projects.

Some highlights - get your headshot or product photo edited to present a clean, professional look.  Or have someone hold your product, sign or photo in front of famous landmarks such as the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.  There's even musicians offering to sing a jingle or create musical effects!

Tip: type Logo in the site search for business logo related services.

Use your imagine to really leverage this!  For example:

If you offer travel services, you can hire this guy and save yourself the cost of a trip to Costa Rica!

Or, if you're a night club, you can hire this Fivver.

Most Fivvers also offer more extensive services.  The website offers an opportunity to sample and evaluate their work for consideration for bigger projects.

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